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Strengthen Your Crisis Marriage to a Loving Marriage


Many people believe that loving marriages just happen. But should you ask a “happily married couple,” they’ll tell you it’s the result of a lot of learning and understanding. Among the many things that loving marriages have in common is the ability of the spouses to effectively communicate with …

Keeping Love Alive During Marriage Crisis


You both said, “I do” in front of all your family and friends. Whether it was recently or many years ago, you demonstrated your love for each other by bonding together with those vows. But now you are having marriage problems and it seems like love is something only for newlyweds and teenagers — a …

Having Marriage Problems – Do You Need Marriage Help?


There are many different factors that could lead to marriage problems–from the stress of children to financial issues to dealing with infidelity. Most everyone has marriage problems at some point in the relationship. Though this is understood and expected, there are many things that can be done to …

Communicating During Separation


Marriage separation need not lead to divorce. If you and your spouse are separated, don’t be discouraged.  There is still hope. Separation is a serious step, but you can still save your marriage. So don’t give up! It’s time for a new beginning and a renewed marriage. If you are separated, it is …

Separation Anxiety: When Only One Spouse Wants to Part


You and your spouse love each other, but lately you have been having major marriage issues. While  conflict in marriage is natural, perhaps you or your spouse feel that things are getting out of hand. At times like this, one spouse may want a separation and one may not. If you are in this …

Counting the Cost of Marriage Separation


When your marriage isn’t working, you may start thinking about a separation. Perhaps you are tired of the constant arguing. Maybe you don’t talk at all. Travel schedules keep you apart. The kids take all your energy. You struggle with finances. Your spouse has habits that drive you crazy. Maybe …

The Dangers of Marriage Separation


Many couples in the midst of a marriage crisis think that  marriage separation is the only way of calming things down and relieving the tension. Understandably, after ongoing conflicts over the same issues and behaviors, it seems natural that one or both spouses pull away from the other. Yet while …

Surviving a Marriage Separation


If you are currently in a marriage separation, you may feel as though you are living in limbo. Life may be very different than it was in the recent past, and you may feel disconnected in many ways. Your daily routine has probably changed because your spouse is absent. You may find yourself dining …

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