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Does it Work? Hear what Couples are saying about A New Beginning

“This seminar has been a marriage saver…. A New Beginning is exactly what it means. It gave us both a jump-start into re-establishing the love and recommitment for a new, meaningful life together.”
– Participant from Santa Fe, NM
“I thought the workshop was wonderful. I learned a great deal about myself and my wife. We feel closer than we have in years…. I would highly recommend it to anyone having difficulties in their marriage.”
– Participant from Los Angeles, CA
“Awesome! We came lost and found each other again! We came broken and have begun to build a better relationship.”
– Participant from Nashville, TN
“This is the most outstanding seminar I have ever attended. If you are in despair and think that your marriage is hopeless, then this is worth all the time, effort, and money that it takes for you to attend. You will undeniably receive the tools that you need to not only salvage your marriage but make it a great one!”
– Participant from Atlanta, GA
“This was all and even more than I expected. Having leaders with compassion for what they do is very important. Being with other couples with the same situation is beyond words.”
– Participant from Chicago, IL
“My wife and I both have a much greater perspective on where we are, where we have been, and where we could be in our marriage. My wife is a Marriage and Family Therapist…. No matter how many books you read, or courses you take, there is nothing quite as beneficial as [this seminar]. The material is superior!”
– Participant from Pittsburg, PA
“I think the best testament I can give is that I left not knowing if my marriage would continue or not and, still, A New Beginning is the best and most important learning experience I have ever had…. It should be recommended prior to marriage…. Amazing class, amazing instructors.”
– Participant from Brentwood, TN