Common Questions

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What is A New Beginning?

  • A three-day intensive workshop specifically designed for couples in marriage crisis.
  • An opportunity to learn a lot about yourself, your spouse, and your marriage AND begin making changes that will positively impact your marriage.
  • A very effective program led by a highly trained counselor/spouse team in a small group setting.

Who participates in this workshop?

Couples who have been married for a few weeks or a few decades, representing many different walks of life, cultures, and ages. They have a wide range of marital problems, including:

  • Couples who are no longer in love.
  • Couples who can’t stop fighting.
  • Couples who hardly speak to one another and feel like roommates.
  • Couples who really want to save their marriage.
  • Couples who aren’t sure if they should stay together.

Does A New Beginning work?

  • 3 out of 4 couples who attend the workshop stay together and report finding happiness and satisfaction their marriage. This interactive learning experience is so effective many counselors refer their own clients to “jumpstart” counseling sessions.
  • Unlike traditional therapy or counseling, this unique process takes couples on a three-day journey to look at life and love from a different perspective and immediately put into practice what they learn.
  • We cannot guarantee you and your spouse will stay together, but we can guarantee you will see yourself and your marriage in a very different light. The insights gained and skills learned are potentially life changing!
  • 95% of couples who attend A New Beginning say they would recommend this to other couples. Even those who decide not to stay together often recommend A New Beginning to others.

My spouse is having an affair. Will this help us?

Our program accepts and works for many married couples impacted by affairs, whether the affair is still going on or is in the past.

My spouse does not want to participate in the workshop. Can I come alone?

A New Beginning is designed for couples, and you must come to the workshop together. However, it does not matter why your spouse comes to the workshop. Our trained consultants can help you with this.

What will I learn at the workshop?

  • Truths and skills about life and marriage that will have an immediate impact on your relationship.
  • Where your marriage went wrong, tools to evaluate your behavior and expectations as a spouse, and skills to develop a strong marital relationship.
  • Issues addressed at the workshop include things like rebuilding feelings of love for each other, communication, trust, dealing with past hurts, and much, much more.

How can I know if this will work for me/us?

  • You decide the outcome.
  • At the end of the workshop, you leave with a better understanding of yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. You can make better decisions for your family using the knowledge and tools you gain at A New Beginning.

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