The Need

Couple crossing arms sitting apart

A New Beginning is for married couples who:

  • Have fallen out of love.
  • Cannot stop fighting.
  • Don’t talk anymore.
  • Feel like roommates.
  • Relationships with broken trust.
  • Are separated or considering a marriage separation.
  • Newly married couples with relationships already in trouble.
  • Empty nest couples who no longer know their spouse.
  • Married couples with blended families.
  • Are committed to their marriage but are deeply unhappy with important aspects of the relationship.
Couple sitting together in the grass

Our Success Stories

“This seminar has been a marriage saver…. A New Beginning is exactly what it means. It gave us both a jump-start into re-establishing the love and recommitment for a new, meaningful life together.”
– Participant from Santa Fe, NM
“This was all and even more than I expected. Having leaders with compassion for what they do is very important. Being with other couples with the same situation is beyond words.”
– Participant from Chicago, IL
“Awesome! We came lost and found each other again! We came broken and have begun to build a better relationship.”
– Participant from Nashville, TN

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