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Gaining Trust After Infidelity

Infidelity in your marriage can be absolutely devastating. With trust being one of the most crucial components of any relationship, when it is compromised, it is only human nature to believe that you can never regain that trust again. You can start thinking, if my spouse cheated once, what’s to say it won’t happen again? Gaining trust after infidelity may seem inconceivable, but with commitment, communication, outside help, and belief that it can be achieved, it can.

Once the issue of infidelity has become apparent in your relationship, how do you go about putting the pieces back together? Foremost, articulate your feelings in an honest manner. Honest communication is vitally important to addressing whatever issues are surrounding the infidelity. Coping with infidelity can feel like a daunting task alone, but dealing with it openly and honestly with your spouse can go a long way toward starting the healing process and getting you on the path of regaining trust.

What are a few things you can do to gain back that trust?

  • Commit to complete and total honesty from here on out. It takes 100% disclosure to set you on a path toward regaining total trust.
  • Cease all contact with the person with whom the cheating took place. If you are the cheating spouse and you keep in contact with that person, how will your spouse ever believe that your affair is truly over?.
  • Do everything you can to prove to your spouse that you are committed to him/her. Showering your spouse with gifts and sincere acts of love may seem cheesy and over the top, but your spouse needs reassurance that you are trying your hardest to right the wrong.
  • Be open to full disclosure about the affair and any other issues your spouse may want to talk about. Honesty is so important in any relationship, and it should become your biggest goal.
  • Seek outside help. The issues surrounding infidelity in your marriage are complex and intertwined. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to seek the help you and your spouse need to overcome the issues and deep hurt.

If you are committed to gaining the trust back after infidelity in your marriage, consider our A New Beginning weekend workshop. Contact us! We know how to help you.

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